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North Carolina State Newsletters

State Executive Director

Bob Etheridge

Bob Etheridge

Read Bob Etheridge'

State Office Address

4407 Bland Rd
Suite 175
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 875-4800

Welcome to North Carolina FSA State electronic News Site

Please contact the State Office, 919-875-4800 for more information or your local county office. Sign up now

Monthly Newsletters

FSA Moving to Electronic Information

The USDA Farm Service Agency offices are moving toward a paperless operation. Producers are asked to enroll in the new GovDelivery system which will provide notices, newsletters and electronic reminders instead of a hard copy through the mail. FSA, like many other organizations, is trying to work smarter and be more efficient. Moving to electronic notifications via email will help conserve resources and save taxpayer dollars. County Committee ballots will continue to be mailed to all eligible producers. Interested producers may subscribe to receive e-mail updates by going to the USDA GovDelivery sign-up page.