North Carolina Office of the Director
  • Eddie Woodhouse, State Executive Director
  • Administrative Officer, Tracie Jones
  • Paula Nicholls, Farm Loan Chief
  • Rob Satterfield, Farm Programs Chief
  • James Davis, Price Support Program Chief

The North Carolina Farm Service Agency (FSA) is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that serves all farmers, ranchers and agricultural partners through the delivery of effective and efficient agricultural programs for all Americans. FSA serves all 100 counties utilizing 72 county offices.

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North Carolina Farm Loan Programs

Farm Loan Programs

Contact: North Carolina State FLP Division: (919) 875-4850

Helpful Farm Loan Fact Sheets
North Carolina Loan Information

On December 31, 2019, 1149 borrowers were indebted under the Direct Loan program, and 1037 borrowers had loans Guaranteed by the agency in North Carolina. In the fiscal year ending September 30, 2019, the agency made a total of 518 loans, direct and guaranteed for a total of $115,750,000. See our loan information chart which describes maximum loan amounts, rates, term, and use of proceeds.

All loans are processed through FSA local farm loan offices. Producers should first contact these offices for specific information or for applications. You can contact your local Farm Loan Staff through the County Offices link under Related Topics on this page.

North Carolina Farm Programs
North Carolina Price Support Division

Farm Service Agency Programs Fact Sheet

Aerial Photography

Select the link above for more information on aerial photography and the Aerial Photography Field Office.

Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act (AFIDA)

Any foreign person who acquires or transfers any interest, other than a security interest, in agricultural land shall submit a report to the Secretary of Agriculture. These foreign persons are also required to report changes in land use from nonagricultural to agricultural, agricultural to nonagricultural, non-foreign to foreign, foreign to non-foreign, foreign to foreign and any change in legal addresses. These reports are reported to the Farm Service Agency office.

Contact: Tommy McLamb, Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4833

Agricultural Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage (ARC/PLC)

Contact: Rob Satterfield, Supervisory Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4824


The compliance activities relate to agency responsibilities which ensure that producers are in compliance with program regulations in order to be eligible for program benefits. Included in these activities are producer reports of crop acreages and land uses, aerial observation, field inspections and assessing penalties associated with producer violations.

Contact: James Davis, Supervisory Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4818

Conservation Programs

North Carolina CREP, ECP, EFRP, HELC/WC


  • Lisa Furlow, Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4819
  • Evalena Best, Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4832

Dairy Margin Protection Program

Contact: James Davis, Supervisory Agricultural Program Specialist

Disaster Assistance Programs

Disaster Programs at a Glance

View NC 2020 NAP Application Closing Dates

2017 Livestock Indemnity Program

Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program


  • James Davis, Supervisory Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4818
  • Tommy McLamb, Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4833

Energy Programs

Contact: Evalena Best, Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4832

Environmental and Cultural Resource Compliance

Contact: Rob Satterfield, Acting State Executive Director (919) 875-4824

Farm Reconstitutions (Recons)

A reconstitution is a change in the land and constituting a farm as a result of combining or dividing tracts or farms. Because of crop rotations and diversity in farming, reconstitutions are a vital part of farming in North Carolina. There are many reconstitutions filed throughout the state each year.

Contact: Rodney Young, Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4845


Contact: Rodney Young, Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4845

Payment Eligibility

Contact: Rodney Young, Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4845

Price Support Programs

Contact: James Davis, Supervisory Agricultural Program Specialist (919) 875-4818

Public Affairs and Outreach


USDA New Farmers Website

Outreach & Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreements

North Carolina Administrative

Administrative provides support to the agency's workforce and include human resources management, leasing office space, budget, financial services and personal property.  North Carolina also serves as an Electronic Distribution System (EDS) location providing printing services to the state as well as other FSA offices.

Contact: Administrative Division: 919-875-4808