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North Carolina State Programs

State Executive Director

Bob Etheridge

Bob Etheridge

Read Bob Etheridge'

State Office Address

4407 Bland Rd
Suite 175
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 875-4800

United in Agriculture: 72 County Offices, 300+ Hearts, One North Carolina Farming Family

State Office Team

Welcome to the NC FSA Programs page! Below you will find a list of our State Office personnel and the external programs they manage. Please note that these duties are not all-inclusive, as there may be other internal-only responsibilities held by these individuals. For a detailed description of the duties provided, click on the hyperlink or visit the Programs & Services tab above. Thank you for visiting!

Executive Office Administrative Division
The Executive Office Division directs states operations, aligns state-level activities with national policies, ensures compliance, and facilitates communication between the federal FSA and local agricultural stakeholders. The Administrative Division manages the internal operations of the FSA. This includes human resources, budgeting, and administrative support services to ensure the smooth functioning of the agency and its programs.

Farm Loans Division Farm Programs Division
The Farm Loans Division offers financial support for farmers' operational needs, land purchase, and recovery efforts. Tailored for new, existing, and young farmers, our loan programs aim to promote agricultural growth and sustainability across the state. The Programs Division implements vital support and conservation programs to aid North Carolina farmers in sustainable agricultural practices, market stabilization, and environmental stewardship.

Price Support Division Geographic Information Systems
The Price Support Division administers crucial programs aimed at stabilizing market prices, supporting farmers' income, and ensuring a consistent supply of agricultural products. 

The Geographic Information Systems team fall under the Price Support Division, which utilizes spatial data and mapping technologies to enhance decision-making and policy development related to agricultural price support programs. 

Other Services Available

North Carolina District Directors

North Carolina has six District Directors, all selected by the State Executive Director. The District Directors oversee and manage agricultural programs and services at the local level. District Directors are responsible for implementing and administering various farm programs, providing technical assistance to farmers and ranchers, and serving as a liaison between the USDA and the agricultural community in their district. They also work to promote and facilitate the sustainable management of natural resources and the economic viability of farms and rural communities.

District  District Director Office (City/County)   District  District Director Office (City/County)
1 Jeanie Setser Murphy, Cherokee County 4 Lorraine Dillard Hillsborough, Orange County
2 Keith Miller Statesville, Iredell County 5 Kevin Wooten Raleigh, Wake County
3 Beverly Clark Concord, Cabarrus County 6 Debbie Houston Wilson, Wilson County

Meet Your FSA State Committee Members

Members of the FSA state committee are appointed by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and are responsible for the oversight of farm programs and county committee operations, resolving program delivery appeals from the agriculture community, maintaining cooperative relations with industry stakeholders, keeping producers informed about FSA programs and operating in a manner consistent with USDA equal opportunity and civil rights policies.

Each FSA state committee is comprised of three to five members including a designated chairperson. The individuals appointed to serve on this committee for North Carolina are:

T. Pender Sharp (Chair) Cynthia Drumwright
John E. Ashe, Jr. (Vice Chair) Phillip C. Farland
Aaron Martin

County Committees

Like the state committee, each county has a committee comprising local farmers and ranchers. These committees impact the administration of their local FSA office within a community. They help make determinations on programs such as disaster assistance, hiring decisions, and assist with outreach. Board members are elected by their peers (local farmers and landowners) in the fall of every year. Click the link below to find out when your local committee convenes monthly.

View County Committee Meeting Dates