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Oregon State Events

State Executive Director

Josh Hanning

Josh Hanning

Read Josh Hanning'

State Office Address

7620 SW Mohawk
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 692-6830
(855) 824-6185


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2021FSA Outreach Webinars

FSA Outreach Webinars

2/9/2021Agronomic and Economic Considerations for the Business Case of Adopting Soil Health Management Systems

NRCS Webinar: 
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2/19/2021PFAS in Agricultural Operations

NRCS Webinar:
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3/17/2021Beneficial Invertebrates in Our Soil

NRCS Webinar:
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Other Upcoming NRCS Webinars

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FSA Outreach and Educational Webinars

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FSA Farm Loan Programs Informational Slides

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August 7,

Oregon Cattlemen's Association & CFAP- Cattlemen Talk with Robyn Smith, OCA Communications Director and FSA Acting State Executive Director Josh Hanning, regarding CFAP and the new deadline, Sept. 11.

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Recorded August 27,
Presentation will be available soon.

Introduction to the Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production:
Learn about the new USDA Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production, including a description
of the new FSA Urban and Suburban County Committee.

Archive Webinar:
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Farmers.gov Article posted August 27.Ask the Expert: Veterans
Transitioning to Production
Agriculture Q&A
with Chris Groskreutz
Farmers.gov: Click link here to view