Rhode Island State Programs

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Rhode Island State Programs

State Executive Director

Matthew Richter

Matthew Richter

Read Matthew Richter '

State Office Address

60 Quaker Ln
Suite 62
Warwick, RI 02886
(401) 828-3120 Option 1
(855) 924-2345

Farm Loan Programs

Rhode Island offers a variety of loans including:

Monthly Interest Rates

Contact the Farm Loan Team at:

(401) 828-3120 Option 3

Conservation Programs

Conservation Programs available in Rhode Island include:

Other conservation programs are administered through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Disaster Assistance Programs

Disaster Assistance Programs are available in Rhode Island when a natural disaster causes significant damage due to flooding or drought.

Production Adjustment & Disaster Assistance Programs

NAP Sign up Deadlines for Rhode Island

  • March 15th Annual Crops
  • September 1st Value Loss Crops
  • November 20th Perennial Crops
  • December 1st Specialty Type Crops

Price Support

Rhode Island offers several Price Support services including:

Contact County Office Staff at:

(401) 828-3120 Option 2