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Utah State Programs

State Executive Director

Mark Gibbons

Mark Gibbons

Read Mark Gibbons'

State Office Address

125 S State St.
Room 3202
Salt Lake City, UT 84138
(801) 524-4530
(844) 715-5092

Introduction to Farm Service Agency 

Introduction to FSA YouTube video

Producers visiting Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices for the first time may need to provide information to establish farm records and producer records. The First Visit fact sheet lists the information that producers will need to provide to get started.

Programs Administered By USDA Farm Service Agency for Utah

Heidi Brooks - (801) 524-4250

  • CRP
  • Compliance
  • Price Support

Racheal Hansen - (801) 524-4535

  • GIS/GPS/Geodata Manager
  • Security Liaison Representative (SLR)
  • State Security Officer/Farm Records
  • Payment Limitation/Eligibility 
  • Disaster Assistance (STORM)
  • OIP Database Steward 

Cary Son - (801) 524-4544

  • Livestock Disaster - LFP/ELAP/LIP
  • NAP

Korry Soper - (801) 524-4534

  • Farm Loan Program