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About FSA

FSA Impacts

Documents describing the agency's accomplishments for fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

Structure & Organization

Provides contact information as well as a listing of the programs and offices that make up the Farm Service Agency.

FSA Biographies

Includes biographies of the Farm Service Agency leadership.

Strategic plan

Includes information about FSA's strategic plan for fiscal years 2016-2018.

History & Mission

Provides a history of the agency and describes its vision and mission.

Budget & Performance

Includes information about the budget, the strategic plan, and efforts to ensure that activities are managed efficiently.


Pleases review the Farm and Foreign Agriculture Services (FFAS) and Human Resource Division (HRD) information for information on careers and to access the HRD Intranet web site.

The Farm Service Agency accomplished several targeted goals in the past fiscal year. To highlight those achievements, FSA published an IMPACT document that you can view online.