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About FSA

FSA Impacts

In 2021, FSA played an important role in advancing USDA’s efforts to address climate change and to improve equity in program delivery. Learn more in these two news releases:

Structure & Organization

Provides contact information as well as a listing of the programs and offices that make up the Farm Service Agency (FSA). Learn more about the Structure and Organization

FSA Biographies

Includes biographies of the Farm Service Agency leadership. Read FSA biographies

History & Mission

Provides a history of the agency and describes its vision and mission. Learn more about the FSA's History & Mission


If you’re ready to serve our nation’s farmers and ranchers, consider the opportunities with FSA! We encourage all interested individuals to apply for positions at USDA, including veterans, people with disabilities, and surplus or displaced Federal employees.

For more information on the positions we have available at FSA, visit our careers webpage.