Strategic Plan

Message from FSA Administrator, Val Dolcini
photo of Dolcini, FSA Administrator

Famous entrepreneur and business leader Herb Kelleher, once said, “We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things”. While I support the spirit of that approach wholeheartedly, I believe that effective strategic planning sets the tone and direction of any organization that commits to the process. This year, FSA has made that commitment and updated its Strategic Plan to align the goals and objectives with the 2014 Farm Bill and the revised USDA strategic plan. The update contains new operational strategies designed to assure the highest level of customer service FSA can offer to America’s farmers and ranchers. In order to strengthen the economic safety net for America’s agricultural producers, FSA is transforming our operations and instilling a culture of continuous improvement. We take great pride in having incredible employees at all levels of our Agency who have set a high bar for customer care, and localized, personal service. Yet, the Agency faces a high rate of retirements in the coming years at a time when our field offices anchor many small communities. These changes are taking place in a budgetary environment that is increasingly challenging today and in the future.

Information technology (IT) is an important investment, which allows us to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively. Developing a more modern and reliable IT infrastructure will eliminate manual calculations, reduce duplicative time consuming processes, and make administrative work less burdensome while offering a higher level of service to our Nation’s farmers and ranchers.

The updated 2016-2018 Strategic Plan was formulated through a dynamic process that equips the Agency to continually assess the quality of our services and achieve the best results for America. Our commitment to performance outcomes and results helps FSA make meaningful management decisions and programmatic adjustments while holding to proven approaches that better support our current and future customers.

Please peruse the full plan along with several supporting documents below.