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Multiple Benefits Studies

CRP provides multiple environmental benefits. Environmental services examined in these studies include multiple benefits from land being enrolled the CRP. Services examined include reduced nutrient and sediment runoff from fields, improved water quality from reduced runoff, enhanced wildlife habitat, better hydrologic function, and increased carbon sequestration.

Reports from MAE studies that measure environmental service benefits are listed below. Click the title to view the report.

Project Reports and Articles




Land use decisions after the Conservation Reserve Program: Re-enrollment, reversion, and persistence in the southern Great Plains (3 MB, PDF)

Barnes, Sketch, Gramza, Sorice, Iovanna, Dayer


Quantifying changes in soil carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from adoption of CRP (2 MB, PDF)

Swan, Easter, and Paustian


The Integrated Landscape Modeling Partnership - Current Status and Future Directions (11 MB, PDF)

Mushet and Scherff


Impacts of management practices on bioenergy feedstock yield and economic feasibility on Conservation Reserve Program grasslands. (684 KB, PDF)

Anderson, Aberle, Chen, Egenolf, Harmoney, Kakani, Kallenbach, Khanna, Wang, and Lee


Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Contributions to Wildlife Habitat, Management Issues, Challenges and Policy Choices—An Annotated Bibliography (16 MB, PDF)

Allen and Vandever


Ecosystem Services Derived from Wetland Conservation Practices in the United States Prairie Pothole Region with an Emphasis on the U.S. Department of Agriculture Conservation Reserve and Wetlands Reserve Programs (4 MB, PDF)

Gleason, Laubhan, and Euliss eds.


Estimating Water Quality, Air Quality, and Soil Carbon Benefits of the Conservation Reserve Program (5 MB, PDF)



Stakeholder Opinions Regarding Management of Conservation Reserve Program Lands to Address Environmental and Wildlife Issues (27 KB, PDF)

Vandever and Hoag


Conservation Reserve Program - Planting for the Future: Proceedings (14 MB, PDF)

Allen and Vandever eds.


A National Survey of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Participants on Environmental Effects, Wildlife Issues, and Vegetation Management on Program Lands (741 KB, PDF)

Allen and Vandever