Cultural Resources

FSA is actively developing its historic preservation (cultural resources) program. Focus is on creatively meeting the requirements of the law and regulations while also attempting to streamline day-to-day compliance. FSA fulfills its historic preservation responsibilities through section 106.

Section 106

Section 106 is an important tool used by Federal agencies, including FSA, to determine if the agency's actions might adversely impact a historic property. FSA takes cultural resources and historic properties into account prior to approving any application or contract. FSA's handbook, 1-EQ, provides detailed guidance for state and county offices on how to apply the section 106 review and consultation process.

As part of its historic preservation review, FSA identified important resources requiring protection. To fulfill this need, FSA has transferred several inventory properties to other federal and state agencies for long term preservation.

Memorandums of Agreement


Consulting with tribes is an important component of the historic preservation program. FSA working to improve the way it consults with federally recognized Indian tribes. Consultation with tribes takes place at the state and National level.

National Office Contact:

Bennett Horter
Federal Preservation Officer
Farm Service Agency
U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Mail Stop 0513
Washington, DC 20250

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Cultural Resources