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Coastal Issues

Coastal barriers are landscape features that shield the mainland form the full force of wind, storms, waves, and tides. They are located along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and the Great Lakes. Coastal barriers provide valuable habitat for a variety of wildlife and offer important recreation opportunities.

Federal agencies, including FSA, are prohibited from providing any type of assistance that would lead to development of coast barriers. In an effort to protect these important resources, FSA considers the possible effects on coastal barriers prior to making loans or providing other assistance.

FSA provides training to state office staff in order to recognize coastal barriers and how to deal with potential impacts. FSA National Office also provides access to the digitized coastal barrier maps.

Coastal Zone Management Areas

FSA considers possible effects to areas in the coastal zone management program during its NEPA process. The agency reviews its program implementation to ensure that areas in the national coastal management program are reviewed to balance economic, cultural and environmental interests for the 34 states in the federal-state partnership. Training is provided to State Office staff.

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