Dairy Programs

Dairy Margin Protection Program

The Dairy Margin Protection Program replaces MILC and will be effective not later than September 1, 2014, through December 31, 2018.  The margin protection program offers dairy producers: (1) catastrophic coverage, at no cost to the producer, other than an annual $100 administrative fee; and (2) various levels of buy-up coverage.   Catastrophic coverage provides payments to participating producers when the national dairy production margin is less than $4.00 per hundredweight (cwt).  The national dairy production margin is the difference between the all-milk price and average feed costs.  Producers may purchase buy-up coverage that provides payments when margins are between $4.00 and $8.00 per cwt.  To participate in buy-up coverage, a producer must pay  a premium that varies with the level of protection the producer elects.    

In addition, the 2014 Act creates the Dairy Product Donation Program.  This program is triggered in times of low operating margins for dairy producers, and requires USDA to purchase dairy products for donation to food banks and other feeding programs. 

Milk Income Loss Contract Program

The 2014 Act extends the Milk Income Loss Contract Program (MILC) from October 1, 2013, through the earlier of the date on which the Secretary certifies that the Dairy Margin Protection Program is operational or September 1, 2014.   Dairy producers who were enrolled in 2013 do not need to re-apply.  MILC payments are issued when the Boston Class I milk price falls below $16.94 per hundredweight (cwt), as adjusted by a dairy feed ration formula.

Dairy Indemnity Payment Program (DIPP)

The program provides payments to dairy producers when a public regulatory agency directs them to remove their raw milk from the commercial market because it has been contaminated by pesticides and other residues.

Extension Service Dairy FAQs (.PDF, 35 KB)