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Deceased Person

Individuals that requested program benefits and die prior to payment issuance, or individuals that are eligible for program benefits die prior to requesting program benefits result in unique payment eligibility situations. The same applies to a legal entity that has one or more deceased interest holders.

To identify such program participants that are deceased, FSA compares program participant records with the Social Security Administration’s death master file on a regular basis. Specific program and payment eligibility requirements are applied to any individual program participant identified as deceased through this process. Such information is evaluated to prevent the issuance of improper program payments.

An authorized representative of the deceased program participant should contact the local FSA county office or Service Center as soon as practicable. Information such as the last will and testament, court orders, affidavit of heirship, trust agreements, or other legal documents may be needed for FSA to establish signatory authority for the deceased individual and to establish the qualified claimant or recipient of any program benefits earned by the deceased program participant.

Payments may be issued to the respective qualified claimant’s name using the deceased program participant’s tax identification number. Such program payments may be requested upon the completion of form FSA- 325, Application for Payment of Amounts Due Persons Who Have Died, Disappeared, or Have Been Declared Incompetent (pdf).

If the deceased person held ownership interest in a legal entity (such as a corporation, trust, or limited liability partnership or company), or was a member of joint operation or general partnership, and that organization is a program participant, a representative of the organization should contact the local FSA county office or Service Center as soon as practicable. Updated information on the legal entity or joint operation will be required to establish continued eligibility for the receipt of program benefits inclusive of the share held or interest represented by the deceased person.

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