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Minnesota State Office

State Executive Director

Whitney Place

Whitney Place

Read Whitney Place'

State Office Address

375 Jackson Street
Suite 400
St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 602-7700
(855) 719-9917

Welcome to the Minnesota Farm Service Agency

We are here to serve you!

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) implements agriculture policy, administers credit and loan programs, and manages conservation, commodity, disaster and farm marketing programs.

Through our network of county FSA offices and dedicated personnel, we are proud to offer a variety of programs to assist you. You can find your local county office at the USDA service center locator.

Service Center staff continue to work with agricultural producers via phone, email, and other digital tools. Contact your Service Center to set up an in-person or phone appointment. 

Please take a moment to review the information and programs outlined on this website or visit farmers.gov for a more comprehensive listing of our programs.


Whitney Place, State Executive Director

2024 Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC)