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Missouri State Office

State Executive Director

Joe Aull

Joe Aull

Read Joe Aull'

State Office Address

601 Business Loop 70 West
Suite 225
Columbia, MO 65203
(573) 876-0925

Welcome to the Missouri Farm Service Agency!


Establishing Urban County Committee in Kansas City and Increasing Staffing for St. Louis Urban Service Center
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is establishing an urban county committee in Kansas City as well as increasing staffing at the St. Louis Urban Service Center, both part of a broader effort to support urban agriculture in Missouri. With its new urban county committee, Kansas City joins 26 other cities with a committee focused on delivery of USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs to urban producers. Click Here to read more.

MU Extension Urban Agriculture Business
The Urban Agriculture program aims to equip urban farmers, agribusinesses and individuals interested in agriculture with resources and information to start or expand their enterprise. The Urban Agriculture team works with producers and partners to offer business planning assistance, farm management resources, production information and decision-making tools. Click Here to view resources.

MU Extension Show-Me Strong Farm Families – Coping with Stress on the Farm
To address mental health crises in rural areas, MU Extension has compiled the following mental health resources for consumers and professionals. These resources also include free telehealth counseling by a trusted professional who understands agriculture. To request free, confidential telehealth counseling, visit muext.us/PSCFarmRanch, email adpsc@missouri.edu or call 573-882-4677. You can learn about MU Extension Show-Me Strong Farm Families and download resources at https://bit.ly/3UQ99ha.

Missouri Department of Agriculture Launches AgriStress Helpline
The Helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Producers can call or text (833) 897-2474 to speak to a healthcare professional. For more information about the AgriStress Helpline for Missouri, or for additional stress-related resources, visit https://agriculture.mo.gov/stress.php.

Missouri State News Releases - Newsletters

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Missouri Farm Service Agency State Committee Members

Members of the FSA state committee are appointed by Secretary of Agriculture and are responsible for the oversight of farm programs and county committee operations, resolving program delivery appeals from the agriculture community, maintaining cooperative relations with industry stakeholders, keeping producers informed about FSA programs and operating in a manner consistent with USDA equal opportunity and civil rights policies.

The individuals appointed to serve on this committee for Missouri are:
Mark Alan Cadle – Grant City (Committee Chair)
Tracy Gorman-White – Stark City
Joe Heckemeyer - Sikeston
Brent Sandidge - Marshall
Tony White - Marthasville