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North Dakota State Office

State Executive Director

Marcy Svenningsen

Marcy Svenningsen

Read Marcy Svenningsen'

State Office Address

1025 28th St. South
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 239-5224

Welcome to the North Dakota Farm Service Agency

Welcome to North Dakota FSA's state website. Our primary mission is to assist North Dakota's farmers and ranchers secure the greatest possible benefit from programs administered by FSA such as farm loans, commodity price support, disaster relief, conservation, and other available resources. The hard working men and women of North Dakota's 51 county offices are at the forefront of our efforts and they remain the primary contact for program participation and related questions.

North Dakota's diverse agricultural bounty feeds the entire world and we look forward to working with farmers and ranchers from throughout our great state on the issues and challenges ahead. We encourage you to contact us at FSA's North Dakota State Office with any questions you may have about our programs or operations.

Al the best,
Marcy Svenningsen

Farmers.gov Local Dashboard Now Available

Looking for ways to do business with USDA that saves you time? Look no further than farmers.gov.

When you create a farmers.gov account for the farmers.gov authenticated site, you have access to self-service features through a secure login.  Managing your business with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is faster than ever. From e-signing documents, viewing, printing, and exporting maps and receiving notifications of payment disbursements, a farmers.gov authenticated account makes doing business with USDA easy and secure.

What can you do with your farmers.gov account?

  • Submit a Direct Farm Loan application. This tool and other process improvements allow farmers and ranchers to submit complete loan applications. Helpful features include an electronic signature option, the ability to attach supporting documents such as tax returns, complete a balance sheet, and build a farm operating plan.
  • View NRCS Disbursements and Farm Loans financial activity from the past 180 days.
  • View, print and export detailed farm records and farm/tract maps.
  • Export common land unit (field) boundaries as ESRI and GeoJSON file types.
  • Import precision agriculture planting boundaries, create labels containing crop information, and print both on farm tract maps.
  • Use the draw tools to determine acres in an area of interest that can be printed on a map and provided to a third party or exported as a feature file for use in other geospatial applications.
  • View, upload, download and e-sign NRCS documents.
  • Request conservation and financial assistance, including submitting a program application.
  • Access information on current and past conservation practices, report practice completion and request practice certification
  • View detailed information on previous and ongoing contracts, including the amount of cost- share assistance received and request contract modifications.
  • View Farm Loan Program loans: View Farm Loan principal and interest balances, payment history, loan terms, and download interest statements.

How do you create a farmers.gov account?

To create a farmers.gov account you will need: 

  • A USDA individual customer record - A customer record contains information you have given to USDA to do business with them, like your name, address, phone number, and any legal representative authority relationships.
  • A login.gov account – Login.gov is a sign-in service that gives people secure online access to participating government programs.
  • Customers who are new to USDA should visit Get Started at Your USDA Service Center, then go to gov/account to create a farmers.gov account.

In addition to the self-service features, farmers.gov also has information on USDA programs, farm loans, disaster assistance, conservation programs and crop insurance.

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