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Oklahoma State Office

State Executive Director

Janlyn Hannah

Janlyn Hannah

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State Office Address

100 USDA
Suite 102
Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 742-1130
(855) 416-9557

Welcome to the Oklahoma FSA Website!


Livestock Forage Program (LFP)

The Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) provides compensation to eligible livestock producers who have suffered grazing losses due to drought or fire. LFP payments for drought are equal to 60 percent of the monthly feed cost for up to five months. LFP payments for fire on federally managed rangeland are equal to 50 percent of the monthly feed cost for the number of days the producer is prohibited from grazing the managed rangeland, not to exceed 180 calendar days. The 2014 Farm Bill made LFP a permanent program.

Click here for more information on LFP

Pandemic Response and Safety Grants

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) will soon publish Requests for Applications (RFAs) for the Pandemic Response and Safety (PRS) Grants program to support agricultural stakeholders who haven’t yet received substantial federal financial assistance in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. This grant program will provide assistance to small businesses in certain commodity areas, including small scale specialty crop producers, food processors, manufacturers, distributors and farmers markets.

Eligible entities should visit the PRS grant portal at usda-prs.grantsolutions.gov for complete information on the program, including how to obtain a free of charge DUNS Number from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) before applying for this program. Entities can submit their grant applications through the portal beginning September 23.

Sign up to receive Electronic News and Updates

Due to limited budgets FSA is unable to continue sending Newsletters to producers via standard mail. In order to stay informed about important program information and deadlines, you should sign up to receive FSA News direct to your email or Smart-phone.

This electronic news service - GovDelivery - is free and convenient.

To sign up, complete an AD-2047 Form and submit it to your local FSA office or sign up now through GovDelivery.

Basic Provisions for (NAP)

Click here to view the BASIC PROVISIONS for the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) for 2016 and Subsequent Years

Click here to view the ARC/PLC Appendix

Electronic Check Processing

FSA/CCC has an electronic method for processing customer check payments. When a check is submitted for payment either in person or through the mail, the check will be converted into an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The funds will be debited from the producer’s account, usually within 24 hours of receipt. Please see the U.S. Department of Treasury legal notices posted in the Service Center for detailed information.

AGI Verification Process Requires Producers to Submit Forms to IRS

USDA and Internal Revenue Service will use an electronic information exchange process to ensure 2008 and future payments have not been issued to producers whose average adjusted gross income (AGI) exceeds certain limits.

Note: AGI limitations are applicable for payments issued according to the 2014 Farm Bill.

Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP)

Click here to view a brief overview of the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (PDF, 985 KB)

Dates and Deadlines

  • August 31, 2021 - Final date to purchase 2022 NAP insurance coverage for alfalfa, cool season grasses, and small grain crops including wheat, barley, oats, and triticale. 

  • September 30, 2021 - Final date to purchase 2022 NAP insurance coverage for apples, apricots, barley– grain, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, greens, nectarines, oats– grain, peaches, pears, raspberries, rye– grain, triticale– grain, Vetch
  • November 30, 2021 - asparagus, clover, grass, honey, lespedeza, mixed forage, pecans, plums
  • Final notice of loss for Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) within 30 days after death of livestock is apparent.

  • NAP participants must provide notice of loss (CCC-576) due to damaging weather within 15 calendar days of a loss becoming apparent for a planted crop or within 15 calendar days of the final planting date if the crop cannot be planted. For hand harvested crops, losses on crops covered by NAP must be reported within 72 hours of a loss becoming apparent.

Producer Tools

Farm Loan Programs (FLP) Direct Interest Rates

Operating Loans = 1.875%
Farm Ownership Loans = 3.250%
Farm Ownership Down Payment Loans = 1.500%
Farm Ownership Joint Financing Loans = 2.500%
Micro Ownership Loans = 3.250%
Micro Operating Loans = 1.875% 
Youth Loans = 5.000%
Emergency Loans = 2.875%

*Rates effective July 1, 2021

Visit our Farm Loan Website for more information and to access applications.

Farm Storage Facility Loan (FSFL) Interest Rates

3-year loan term = 0.250%
5-year loan term = 0.375%
7-year loan term = 0.6.25%
10-year loan term = 0.875%
12-year loan term = 1.000%

*Rates effective January 1, 2021

Welcome! Oklahoma FSA strives to provide quality services to all Oklahoma farmers and ranchers through various commodity, conservation, credit and disaster programs. These programs not only provide a safety net to agriculture producers but also provide stability to rural communities and the Oklahoma economy as a whole.

Oklahoma FSA has a strong tradition of providing customer-based service to Oklahoma producers through its professional and dedicated staff. The state office is located in Stillwater on the Oklahoma State University campus while our 59 County Offices are positioned throughout the state to serve the needs of local farmers and ranchers.

To find your local office click here

Please visit our website periodically to obtain the most up-to-date agriculture information affecting you.

Oklahoma FSA State Committee