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Rhode Island State Office

State Executive Director

Eric Scherer

Eric Scherer

Read Eric Scherer'

State Office Address

60 Quaker Ln
Suite 62
Warwick, RI 02886
(401) 828-3120 Option 3
(855) 924-2345

Welcome to the Rhode Island Farm Service Agency (FSA) Home Page

Rhode Island Farm Service Agency 

60 Quaker Lane

Warwick, RI 02886

State Office, Suite 62

Phone: 401-828-3120 Option 3

State Committee

  • Al Bettencourt, Chairperson
  • Maggie Cole, Member
  • Albert Brandon, Member
  • Cristina Cabrera, Member
  • Michell Garman, Member

The Rhode Island State Committee meets the second Wednesday of every month subject to change.

County Office, Suite 49

Phone: 401-828-3120 Option 1

County Committee

  • Joseph Polseno, Chairperson
  • John Sousa, Vice Chairperson
  • Erin Cabot, Member
  • William Coulter, Member
  • Gilbert Rathbun Jr., Member

The County Committee meets the third Thursday of every month subject to change.

For information on the latest USDA Farm Programs and services, visit Farmers.gov.

Farm Loan Team, Suite 62

Phone: 401-828-3120 Option 2

District Director: Matthew Richter

Farm Loan Specialist: Emma Schlam

USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) offers a variety of loan options to help farmers finance their operations. From buying land to financing the purchase of equipment, FSA loans can help. 

For more information about Farm Loan Programs click here.

RI Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

60 Quaker Lane

Warwick RI, 02886

Phone: 401-828-1300

A detail list of RI NRCS staff including their contact information can be accessed by visiting; https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/conservation-basics/conservation-by-state/rhode-island

Farmers.Gov Local Dashboard Available

Back in January, the farmers.gov dashboard pilot launched for Iowa. The dashboard has been expanded to 40 additional states. A blog has been posted to farmers.gov announcing the expansion and outlining the dashboard’s capabilities including state USDA news, commodity pricing, weather forecasts, historical climate data, past storm  events, USDA service center locator and additional state resources. 

 The farmers.gov local dashboard is now available to Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas,  California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois,  Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,  Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota,  Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas,  Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

 To access the dashboard for Rhode Island, visit  https://www.farmers.gov/dashboard/Rhode-Island .

Get GovDelivery - Receive Instant News, Updates

Producers, owners and others interested in keeping up to date with important FSA program deadlines and information are strongly encouraged to sign up for GovDelivery. This instant communication system allows newsletters, deadline reminders and bulletins to be sent right to your email address.  To subscribe to updates, click here.

Receive Text Messages

You can also subscribe to text alerts from the Rhode Island USDA Service Center by texting RIKent Keyword to 372-669. Standard text messaging rates apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details associated with your particular data plan. Participants may unsubscribe at any time.

Language Interpretation Available at USDA Service Centers

We offer free interpretation services for Farm Service Agency and Natural Resources Conservation Service assistance at your local USDA Service Center. Tell us your preferred language, and the USDA team member will call an interpreter to get the discussion started. Contact the RI USDA Service Center at 401-828-3120 Option 2. If you are not from Rhode Island, find your local Service Center at farmers.gov/service-center-locator.

For crop insurance, interpretation services are available through Approved Insurance Providers. Find an insurance agent by using our Agent Locator.

Find translated USDA materials at farmers.gov/translations.

USDA to Provide more Than $3 Billion to Commodity and Specialty Crop Produces Impacted by 2022 Natural Disasters

The U. S Department of Agriculture (USDA) will provide more than $3 billion to commodity and specialty crop producers impacted by natural disaster events in 2022. Eligible impacted producers can apply for financial assistance through the Emergency Relief Program (ERP) 2022. The program will help offset the financial impacts of crop yield and value losses from qualifying disasters occurring in 2022.

More Information 

ERP 2022 eligibility details and payment calculation factor tables are available on the emergency relief website, in the ERP Track 1 and ERP Track 2 fact sheets and by contacting the Rhode Island Farm Service Agency County Office at 401-828-3120 Option 1.

USDA Now Accepting Farm Loan Payments Online

USDA has released a new way for direct loan borrowers to pay their farm loans online! The Pay My Loan feature on farmers.gov relieves many borrowers from having to call, mail, or visit the RI FSA Farm Loan Team at 60 Quaker Lane Suite 62, Warwick, RI to pay a loan installment. 

For more information, contact the RI FSA Farm Loan Team at 401-828-3120 Option 2 or visit www.farmers.gov/.

USDA Now Accepting Applications for Farm Loans Online

The Farm Service Agency has launched an online application for Direct Loan customers. Applicants can now use an online, interactive, guided application that is paperless and provides helpful features including an electronic signature option, the ability to attach supporting documents such as tax returns, complete a balance sheet, and build a farm operating plan.

For more information, contact the RI FSA Farm Loan Team at 401-828-3120 Option 2.

Inflation Reduction Act Assistance for Distressed Borrowers

Since October 2022, USDA has provided approximately $1.5 billion in immediate assistance to more than 24,000 financially distressed direct and guaranteed FSA loan borrowers through the Inflation Reduction Act.

FSA is currently accepting individual requests for assistance from borrowers who took certain extraordinary measures to avoid delinquency on their direct FSA loans, missed a recent installment, or are unable to make their next scheduled installment.

For more information on eligibility, or to submit a request for assistance, producers can contact the RI FSA Farm Loan Team at 401-828-3120 Option 2 or visit farmers.gov/inflation-reduction-investments/assistance.   

Non Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)

 Sign up Deadlines for the Non Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)

  • September 30th Value Loss Crops; Aquaculture, Oysters, Turf Grass, Christmas trees, Floriculture (except Chrysanthemums)Mushrooms, Ginseng.
  • November 20th Perennial Crops, Grass, Mixed Forage, Alfalfa, Perennial Forage
  • December 1st Specialty Type Crops; Honey, Maple sap

Sign up Deadlines for Crop Insurance Under Risk Management Agency Programs.

  • November 20th, Apples, Cranberries, Grapes and Peaches

Please contact either RMA or FSA to learn more about your eligibility for these Crop Insurance Coverages. Program eligibility may vary depending on the county in which the crop is grown in.

Acreage Reporting Deadlines

  • May 31st Ornamental Nursery
  • July 15th, Annuals, Grass, Mixed Forage, Alfalfa, Fruit and Nut Trees and Perennial Crops and Perennial Forage (except Apples, Cranberries, Grapes and Peaches)
  • September 30th,  Value Loss Crops such as Aquaculture, Oysters, Floriculture, Turf grass sod, Christmas Trees, Floriculture (except Chrysanthemums) Mushrooms, Ginseng

Disaster Declarations

Farmers in the following counties are eligible for Emergency Loans through the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA).

Presidential Designation M4766
For Severe Storms and Flooding 01/09/2024-01/13/2024
Rhode Island Primary Counties: Kent, Providence, Washington
Rhode Island Contiguous Counties: Bristol, Newport
Emergency Loan Application Deadline: 11/20/2024

Presidential Designation M4765

For Severe Storm and Flooding 12/17/2023-12/19/2023
Rhode Island Primary Counties: Kent, Providence, Washington
Rhode Island Contiguous Counties: Bristol, Newport
Emergency Loan Application Deadline: 11/20/2024

Secretarial Designation S5634
For Excessive Rain 07/01/2023-10/31/2023
Rhode Island Contiguous Counties: Bristol, Newport and Providence
Emergency Loan Application Deadline: 07/17/2024

Secretarial Designation S5482
For Excessive Rain and Flooding 07/02/2023 and continuing
Rhode Island Contiguous Counties: Kent and Washington
Emergency Loan Application Deadline: 05/06/2024

For more information, please contact the Rhode Island FSA Farm Loan Team at 401-828-3120 Option 2.

Farming Success Stories

Visit the Farm Service Agency Fencepost Blog to view all stories.

To read success stories published for Rhode Island click here.

If you are interesting in submitting a success story, please contact the Rhode Island State Office at 401-828-3120 Option 3.


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Through Ask USDA you can:

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