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Welcome to the Rhode Island FSA Home Page

Acting State Executive Director

Alison L. Rose Acting, SED
Rhode Island State Farm Service Agency
60 Quaker Lane Suite 62
Warwick, RI 02886
Phone: (401) 828-8232
Fax: (855) 924-2345

State Office Location
60 Quaker Lane, Suite 62
Warwick, RI 02886


State Office: (401) 828-8232


8:00am to 4:30pm

State Office Staff:

Acting State Executive Director: Alison Rose
Administrative Officer: Alison Rose
Administrative Specialist: Leila Naylor
Agricultural Program Specialist: Ingrid Fratantuono

State Committee:

Judith A Carvalho- Chairperson
Anthony U Donatelli Jr.- Member
Gilbert Rathbun Jr.- Member

The Rhode Island State Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month subject to change.

County Office

County Office Location
60 Quaker Lane Suite 49
Warwick, RI 02886


County Office: (401) 828-3120 Option 2
Farm Loan Office: (401) 828-3120 Option 3
Fax: 855-924-4567


8:00 am to 4:30 pm

County Office Staff:

Acting County Executive Director: Ingrid Fratantuono
Program Technician: Nancy Becker
Program Technician: Anne Belleville
Program Technician: Kimberly Vealey

Farm Loan Staff:

Farm Loan Manager: Roxanne Boisse
Farm Loan Officer: Stewart Taffe

County Committee:
Doreen Pezza- Chairperson
Victor Hoogendoorn- Vice Chairperson
Kim Coulter- Member
Joseph Silveira- Member
Vincent Confreda-Member

County Committee Elections

Through the county committees, farmers have a voice. Their opinions and ideas get to be heard on federal farm programs. To be eligible to serve on a FSA county committee, a person must participate or cooperate in an FSA administered program, be eligible to vote in a county committee election and reside in the local administrative area where they are nominated.

Producers may nominate themselves or others as candidates. Organizations representing minority and women farmers and ranchers may also nominate candidates. To become a nominee, eligible individuals must sign form FSA-669A.

This year, the following LAA is up for County Committee Elections;

LAA-3, Washington County

For more information, contact the Rhode Island Farm Service Agency County Office 401-828-3120 Option 2.


CRP icon

Launching the Celebration – 30 Years of Conservation

2015 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Conservation Reserve program (CRP) and in recognition of this milestone; FSA has launched a commemorative website. The web address is http://www.fsa.usda.gov/CRPis30. We hope you’ll visit the site often to take an interactive, cross-country tour and see the nationwide impact of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) unfold virtually over the next several months.

Farm Bill icon2014 Farm BillMake a Difference, Nominate and Vote!

In the News


Bridges to Opportunity

Bridges to Opportunity (Bridges) is a service provided by U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) that bridges the gap between agricultural producers and non-USDA partner organizations. The service will launch in select FSA county offices in April 2016. Through the Bridges software application, FSA is able to provide additional services to farmers and ranchers that will benefit and grow their operation and ultimately help them meet their goals. To learn more visit: http://www.fsa.usda.gov/programs-and-services/outreach-and-education/bridges/index

Farmers to Receive Documentation of USDA Services

Farm Service Agency (FSA) reminds agricultural producers that FSA provides a receipt to customers who request or receive assistance or information on FSA programs.

As part of FSA’s mission to provide enhanced customer service, producers who visit FSA will receive documentation of services requested and provided. From December through June, FSA issued more than 327,000 electronic receipts.

The 2014 Farm Bill requires a receipt to be issued for any agricultural program assistance requested from FSA, the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Rural Development (RD). Receipts include the date, summary of the visit and any agricultural information, program and/or loan assistance provided to an individual or entity.

In some cases, a form or document – such as a completed and signed program enrollment form –serve as the customer receipt instead of a printed or electronic receipt. A service is any information, program or loan assistance provided whether through a visit, email, fax or letter.

To learn more about FSA, visit www.fsa.usda.gov or to find your local USDA office, visit http://offices.usda.gov.

Other News

Current Rhode Island Disaster Declarations
Date DeclaredCodeDisaster DescriptionFinal Date to Apply
9/7/2017S-4032Drought 8/30/2016 and continuing Bristol, Kent and Providence Counties affected.5/7/2017
9/14/2016S-4040Frost and Freeze 2/14/2016 to 5/4/2016 Bristol, Newport and Providence Counties affected.5/14/2017
9/21/2016S-4045Drought 7/26/2016 Washington County area affected.5/21/2017
9/21/2016S-4047Drought 7/5/2016 Bristol, Newport and Providence Counties affected.5/21/2017
9/21/2016S-4048Frost and Freeze 2/12/2016 through 2/15/2016 Kent, Providence and Washington Counties affected.5/21/2017

FSA Disaster Assistance Programs are available to assist producers with the current Disaster Declarations. For more information, please contact the Rhode Island Farm Service Agency.

FSA Moving to Electronic Information

Rhode Island’s producers are encouraged to enroll in the new GovDelivery system which will provide notices, newsletters and electronic reminders instead of a hard copy through the mail.

FSA, like many other organizations, is trying to work smarter and be more efficient. Moving to electronic notifications via email will help conserve resources and save taxpayer dollars.

County Committee ballots will continue to be mailed to all eligible producers.

Click here to enroll in the GovDelivery System.


What is the FSAfarm+?

With FSAfarm+, producers will have web access to view their FSA data such as the common land unit data, related farm data, and other producer information. This data will be available in real time and at no cost to the producer. This functionality allows operators and owners to view, export and print farm records data, including maps, from their own home through a public facing web portal. Direct access will permit the operators and owners to electronically share their data, which could include maps, with a crop insurance agent, from their own personal computer.

The initial launch of FSAfarm+ will allow farm operators and owners to access their farm and contact information. Operators and owners that are business entities can be accessed by entity members. A future release will allow access to agents or representatives of farm operators and owners, in addition to allowing other farm tenants access to information related to the land they lease.

FSAfarm+ can be accessed by clicking the following link: FSAfarm+

USDA Historic Aerial Photography Available!

For more than half a century, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has acquired high quality aerial photographs to support federal farm programs. Over the years, the USDA has photographed the vast majority of the nation and its territories at approximately seven-year intervals.

The USDA’s Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) is home to one of the country’s largest aerial film libraries. We currently house more than 70,000 rolls of film. Our imagery dates from 1955 to the present, and is available at several different scales and in stereo. The APFO has a photographic wet lab, which allows us to print photos on site.

USDA historic photography can play a vital role in environmental assessments, change detection, past land use and property boundary disputes. Our photographs are frequently ordered by attorneys, universities, local governments and individuals.

USDA imagery is available to the general public at minimal cost. We can provide black and white, color infrared, or natural color prints depending on the original film type. Enlargements up to 38”x38” are available. We can also provide tiff scans which can be viewed on any computer. We are able to certify photos for use in court.

You can order this aerial imagery by contacting the APFO by phone, fax, mail or email. Please be prepared to provide an accurate description of the area you wish to be included in your photo; this can be a legal description, latitude and longitude, or a local map. All products are made to order and completion time may vary depending on existing workload. Please include your name, address and phone number with your inquiry.

Customer Service Section
Telephone: 801-844-2922
Fax: 801-956-3653
Email: apfo.sales@slc.usda.gov

USDA Farm Service Agency
Aerial Photography Field Office
2222 West 2300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84119-2020

More information about our products and services is available on our website: www.apfo.usda.gov