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North Carolina State Office

State Executive Director

Bob Etheridge

Bob Etheridge

Read Bob Etheridge'

State Office Address

4407 Bland Rd
Suite 175
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 875-4800

Welcome to the North Carolina FSA!

Welcome to the North Carolina Farm Service Agency (FSA) website! We're here to support farmers, ranchers, and foresters with financial aid, technical expertise, and educational resources. Whether you need help with crop insurance, farm loans, or conservation programs, our experienced team is ready to assist you. Explore our website for valuable insights and how we can assist with your agricultural endeavors. Thank you for being dedicated to North Carolina agriculture!

Featured Programs

Inflation Reduction Act Assistance for Distressed Borrowers

Since October 2022, USDA has provided approximately $1.5 billion in immediate assistance to more than 24,000 financially distressed direct and guaranteed FSA loan borrowers through the Inflation Reduction Act. 

The FSA is currently accepting individual requests for assistance from borrowers who took certain extraordinary measures to avoid delinquency on their direct FSA loans, missed a recent installment, or are unable to make their next scheduled installment.

Discrimination Financial Assistance Program

The Discrimination Financial Assistance Program (DFAP) is a new program, authorized by Section 22007(e) of the Inflation Reduction Act, that will provide financial assistance to farmers, ranchers and forest landowners who experienced discrimination in USDA farm lending programs prior to 2021.

Please note, FSA employees are not responsible for administering the program or assisting individuals with their applications. Instead, the USDA has partnered with a network of vendors and cooperators prepared to assist with the application process. Such vendors and cooperators include, but are not limited to:
Filling an application is free, you are not required to have an attorney assist you in order to apply, and DFAP team members can provide no-cost help. If you choose to come into a local office, parking is always free. When you arrive, look for the Discrimination Financial Assistance Program (DFAP) signage. For more information, visit the links below.

Dates to Remember

*To view a schedule of USDA-observed holidays, visit our State Events tab
Deadline Program or Service
July 10, 2023 Rice Production Program
July 14, 2023 Emergency Relief Program (ERP) Phase 2 and Pandemic Assistance Revenue Program (PARP)
July 15, 2023 Nomination for theFederal Advisory Committee for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production
July 26, 2023  Extended to August 11, 2023 Organic Dairy Marketing Assistance Program (ODMAP)
August 1, 2023 Nomination for the Local County Committee
October 31, 2023 Organic Certification Cost Share Program (OCCSP)
October 31, 2023 Extended to January 13, 2024 Discrimination Financial Assistance Program
January 31, 2024 Food Safety Certification for Specialty Crops Program

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