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Tennessee State Office

State Executive Director

John Litz

John Litz

Read John Litz'

State Office Address

579 U.S. Courthouse
801 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 277-2600
(855) 494-7764

Welcome to Tennessee Farm Service Agency’s online services! The USDA Farm Service Agency supports productive farms and ranches; affordable food, fiber, and fuel; and conservation of our natural resources. In Tennessee the FSA delivers farm loans, farm programs, conservation incentives, price supports, and disaster assistance in 59 county offices and 8 farm loan teams across the state.

Our employees are dedicated to providing efficient programs and quality services to all of Tennessee’s 77,300 working farms. FSA-administered programs benefit all Americans by providing stability for our agricultural producers thus ensuring a safe and abundant supply of food.

We hope you will bookmark this page, visit often and use it as a key resource for locating information about our programs and current U.S. farm policy.

State Committee

Rodger Tanner, Chairperson

Ken Givens

Reginald Marshall, Sr.

Amelia Tavalin

David Hall


Inflation Reduction Act Section 22007 – Discrimination Financial Assistance Program

USDA Staff Communications Tool Kit – 10/10/2023

Under this program, USDA is providing financial assistance to farmers and ranchers who experienced discrimination in FSA lending.  The program is being administered by private companies with USDA oversight and supervision.  The application period is now OPEN UNTIL JANUARY 13, 2024