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Conservation Reserve Program Statistics

Sign-Up 62 State Acceptance

Final 2024 Grassland CRP Rental Rates

Final 2023 Grassland CRP Rental Rates

Sign-Up 205 State Acceptance

CRP 2024 County Average SRRs 

Sign-Up 60 State Acceptance

Sign-Up 58 State Acceptance  

CRP 2022 County Average SRRs 

Grassland CRP 2022 Rental Rate 

Sign-Up 56 State Acceptance 

2021 CRP Rental Rates and Grassland Rental Rates 

35-Years History of CRP

Annual CRP Water Quality Practices Report 2020

Annual Water Quality CRP Practices Report FY2021

Status of 2020 Expiring CRP Lands

Sign-Up 54 Results

Monthly CRP Summary

Sign-Up 54 State Acceptances 

Sign-Up 54 Acceptable Acres - SAFE by State

CRP Signup Results

Updated 2020 CRP Rental Rates and Grassland Rental Rates

2018 CRP Rental Rates and Grassland Rental Rates 

Map of CRP Enrollment October 2019 (pdf)

Map of Changes in CRP Acreage 2007-2016 (pdf)

Map of CRP 2020 - 2022 Expiring Acres (pdf)

Grasslands Signup 202 State Acceptances

Grassland CRP Signup 204 Results

SU204 State Acceptance Table (New as of 7/12/22)

Offered and Acceptable Acres

     -  Summary of Acceptable Acres

Additional Data Tables (As of Sept. 30, 2017)

CRP Contracts Arrayed by Acres per Contract

CRP by Erodibility Index

CRP Rents by State- General and Continuous

CRP - Years Enrolled by State

Acres on CRP Contracts Expiring Between 2018-22 (Enrolled More Than Once)

CRP Contract Summary and Statistics

  Monthly Summary
  Month/Year Summary One-pager
March 2024 PDF PDF
February 2024 PDF PDF
January 2024 PDF PDF
December 2023 PDF PDF
November 2023 PDF PDF
October 2023 PDF  PDF
  September 2022 PDF PDF
  September 2021 PDF PDF
  September 2020 PDF PDF
September 2019
September 2018
September 2017
  September 2016 PDF PDF
September 2015 PDF PDF
September 2014
September 2013
September 2012

CRP Contract Expirations by State, 2020-2031+? (xls)

CRP Contract Expirations by County, 2020-2031+? (xls)

CRP Practices (Acres) By County Jan 2020 (xls)

CRP Practices (Acres) By County (xls)

CRP Practices (Acres) By County and Expiration Year (xls)

Annual Summary (pdf files)

CRP Enrollment and Rental Payments by State, 1986-2022 (xls)

CRP Enrollment and Rental Payments by County, 1986-2022 (xls)

CRP Ending Enrollment by Fiscal Year, 1986-2022 (xls)

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