Conservation Reserve Program Statistics

Updated 2018 CRP Rental Rates and Grassland Rental Rates  (New)

Map of CRP Enrollment as of March 2016 - Dot Density (pdf)

Map of CRP Enrollment as of March 2016 - Color (pdf)

Map of Changes in CRP Acreage 2007-2016 (pdf)

49th CRP Signup Results (pdf)

49th CRP County Signup book

Grassland Ranking Period 200 Results

     -  Offered and Acceptable Acres

     -  Summary of Acceptable Acres 

Additional Data Tables (As of Sept. 30, 2017)

     -  CRP Contracts Arrayed by Acres per Contract

     -  CRP by Erodibility Index

     -  CRP Rents by State  - General and Continuous

     -  CRP - Years Enrolled by State

     -  Acres on CRP Contracts Expiring Between 2018-22 (Enrolled More Than Once)

CRP Contract Summary and Statistics
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CRP Contract Expirations by State, 2016-2030 (xls)

CRP Contract Expirations by County, 2016-2030 (xls)

CRP Practices (Acres) By County (xls)

CRP Practices (Acres) By County and Expiration Year (xls)

Annual Summary (pdf files)

CRP Enrollment and Rental Payments by State, 1986-2017 (xls)

CRP Enrollment and Rental Payments by County, 1986-2017 (xls)

CRP Ending Enrollment by Fiscal Year, 1986-2016